Dispatch magazine is one of the most highly regarded publications in the world of dental regulation in the country.

Dispatch is the foundation of our communications activities. While the magazine’s primary audience is the dentists of Ontario, we know that it is closely read by our colleagues in the regulatory business here in Ontario and by key decision-makers at Queen’s Park and other influential colleagues in the health care world provincially and nationally. Published quarterly, it is mailed to every licensed dentist in Ontario.

We are often asked by our regulatory colleagues across the country for permission to reprint articles and our approach to design and content is emulated by other dental regulators in Canada.

Every issue is loaded with relevant information from the College. One of the main features are columns from both the President and the Registrar of the College addressing hot issues and developments of interest to dentists in Ontario.

College staff do a superb job in translating complicated legal requirements and government policy initiatives in a way that frames their impact on your professional practice.

There is always an article or two that uses real life practice scenarios to share important risk management advice and how to put the ethical framework into practice in the myriad of decisions you make every day.

Each issue also contains a PEAK article. PEAK (Practice Enhancement and Knowledge) is a service from the College with the goal of regularly providing Ontario dentists with copies of key articles on a wide range of clinical and non-clinical topics from dental literature around the world.

And there are always articles to keep you up-to-date about important events in the life of the College, like your annual registration renewal and elections.