In your daily practice, it is inevitable that you are going to have some complicated high-stake questions that demand a response that is grounded in a full understanding of both legislation and College policy.

You have a question about medical emergency preparedness in your office. Or you receive a call from the police and you want to know if you can release dental records for identification purposes to the coroner.

That is where the practice advisory service comes in. Each year the dentists in the practice advisory services handle thousands of calls. 

For the member, these free confidential telephone consultations provide a source of objective and thoughtful feedback on matters encountered in practice. Background articles on some of the frequently asked questions can be e-mailed to you immediately.

For the public, the service provides an impartial and knowledgeable resource to answer questions about their relationship with their dentist.

The practice advisory service also provides a way for the College to keep a pulse on topics and trends and helps provide ideas for timely articles in Dispatch magazine. 

Practice Advisory Service