The Professional Liability Program (PLP) has been an integral part of the College’s services to members since the 1970s. PLP provides malpractice protection to all Ontario dentists. The cost of the program is included in your annual registration fee.

Over the years, the College has successfully kept the cost of this program in check through extensive communication with and cooperation from various arm’s length insurance underwriters.

The protection available through PLP is limited to malpractice and negligence claims. It does not cover the defense of a dentist in other College matters such as Complaints (ICRC), Discipline and Fitness to Practice hearings. Legal insurance for these matters is available through several vendors in Ontario.

The protection extends to former, retired, and deceased members, as well as dental partnerships and health profession corporations.

PLP also provides valuable risk management advice through the College website, group educational sessions and individual mentoring.

In addition, there is no cost to members seeking advice and assistance from PLP staff in dealing with patients who are dissatisfied or are demanding money.

By contacting PLP early, matters can often be resolved on satisfactory basis for both the member and his or her patient.

PLP staff are just a phone call away and can be reached at 416-934-5600 or 1-877-817-3757.