The practice of dentistry is constantly evolving. That is why continuing education and practice enhancement form the foundation of our Quality Assurance Program as they are essential to maintaining the highest standards of professional care.

Under our governing legislation, the Regulated Health Professions Act, QA programs must include continuing education or professional development designed to promote continuing competence and practice improvement. Also, any QA program must include the following components: self-assessment, and peer and practice assessments, and monitoring of members’ participation and compliance.

The College wanted to meet these obligations by moving beyond the old traditional QA programs that involved things like office visits, while providing members with a way to demonstrate continuing competency. Members must have confidence that there is no link between the QA program and the discipline process.

The College’s QA program meets all these requirements, plus incorporates the nurturing, non-punitive philosophy of the College.

Our QA program recognizes that the overwhelming majority of dentists in Ontario are competent practitioners who continually upgrade their knowledge and skills; it meets the demands of changing practice environments and patient needs; and ensures members can and do demonstrate their continued competence.