Welcome to the College

It is my greatest pleasure to extend a warm welcome to you as a new member of the College and dental profession in Ontario.

Professional self-regulation is a great privilege and every dentist practising in Ontario shares in the responsibility of making it work. A system of self-regulation is only viable when it enjoys the confidence of the public. The College is here to work together with you in partnership to ensure that this public trust flourishes.

One way that you can contribute is to become an active member of the College. We encourage you to look for ways to volunteer, perhaps as a committee member or run for elected office. As well, you will find many opportunities to share your input during the consultation process for proposed by-laws, regulations standards and guidelines.

We hope that the College will come to mean more than the annual renewal of your certificate of registration. The College has a wide range of programs and services to support you.

We share a common interest in ensuring that patients receive the highest quality oral health care and are here to help you make that happen. That is one of the best ways that we can continue to earn the right of self-regulation. I have every confidence that you will find we work very hard to ensure that all our interactions with us are open, fair and compassionate.

Irwin Fefergrad, Registrar